Why Bio Based?

Four All Seasons (FAS) Bio-Source Natural fertilizers are made from a combination of all natural ingredients, Four All Seasons 100% Bio-Based fertilizers will satisfy all of your turf building needs while being economical, easy to use, and environmentally friendly.

Four All Season Benefits

  • The water insolubility of a natural fertilizer like FAS provides for a slow release so that the lawn has time to benefit from a complete and continuous application. Another advantage of slow release is that there is no rapid growth spurt to deplete the lawn's carbohydrate reserves.
  • In contrast, the water solubility of chemical fertilizers leads to quick release. The lawn only receives the chemical's benefit of about half of the application. The half that is received causes a spring growth spurt that depletes the lawn's stored energy necessary for mid-season times of stress.
  • With FAS, the application of a more moderate percentage of nitrogen, in proportion to other nutrients in the fertilizer, lets the lawn remain independent with strong root systems.
  • The application of excessive nitrogen through chemical products tends to lessen the lawn's natural self-sufficiency because the lawn grows short roots and relies on the fertilizer to sustain itself.
  • A natural fertilizer like FAS will maintain or increase the rate of decomposition by adding beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Chemical applications, on the other hand, can slow or halt natural decomposition processes so that thatch can accumulate.
  • Natural fertilizers and top-dressing create little or no pH change (no acidity increase). Therefore, earthworms and microorganisms remain to maintain the soil, assisting in aeration and decomposition processes.
  • Chemical applications increase soil acidity and force earthworms and micro-organisms to emigrate from the soil.
  • Grasses will thrive at neutral pH levels that are created by eliminating chemical applications from lawn maintenance.
  • Most grasses do not take well to the high acidity levels in chemically maintained soils.
  • Natural fertilizers and chemical-free control measures will not harm you, your family, your friends, your pets, or your lawn. You can sleep soundly knowing that your lawn is healthy and those you care about are safe.
  • Did you know that the EPA registration of a chemical does not imply that the chemical has been proven to be safe? Many chemicals used regularly by lawn-maintenance companies are possible carcinogens and could also cause nervous system damage.
  • Because FAS is a natural fertilizer, don't be disappointed if your lawn isn't immediately lush and green in the spring. Within a few weeks after application, the grass's response to FAS is noticeable. Additionally its slow release provides continuous nutrition throughout the growing season, requiring fewer applications per year. This will save time and money in the long run.
  • Chemical-free control measures do not completely eradicate weeds and pests. However FAS's 11-1-1 formula does have measurable weed retention capabilities. An organic approach to lawn care is the safest way to fertilize and suppress weeds over time. A strong, healthy root system is the best defense in keeping weeds at bay. Rely on FAS to keep your lawn both child and pet safe. Use an environmentally friendly fertilizer and enjoy a lush green lawn all season long.
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